Terms and Conditions

Richmond Gymnastics Association is a private, non-profit making Gymnastics Club with charitable status.  The terms and Conditions apply to all parents / guardians and members of the Association


RGA Membership:

Membership is open to any person wishing to advance the objectives of the Association, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Members must agree to abide by the Associations’ ‘Terms and Conditions’

Junior Members: those who have not yet reached 18 years by the first day of September in the relevant financial year of the Association.

Adult Members: those over the age of 18 years who participate in the activities provided by the Association

Honorary Members: those persons whose activities on behalf of the Association are considered as worthy of special recognition.

Membership is not transferable to another person.

RGA Membership runs from 1st September to 31st August each year.


Membership Fees:

Membership fees are set by the Board of Trustees, and are payable from September 1st

Membership fees are paid annually in advance and are not pro-rated based on date of joining:

RGA Membership fees include London Gymnastics affiliation.


BG Membership and Insurance

Gymnasts must hold British Gymnastics membership and insurance prior to enrolling in a class

BG membership and insurance must be arranged directly between British Gymnastics and the parent/ guardians/ members via the BG website.


Training Fees                                                                                                                                          Class fees are set by the Board of Trustees

Pre-school and General Gymnastics class fees are paid each term in advance

Squad fees are paid each block in advance

Class places are guaranteed only upon receipt of payment by the payment deadline

Squad gymnasts are only able to train upon receipt of payment by the payment deadline

Members are invoiced in advance for termly or block fees.

All fees are non-refundable.

The RGA offers a sibling fee discount for second and subsequent children.

The RGA offers special fee rates to parents in receipt of Income Support or on low income.

No coaching fees shall be payable by Honorary Members

The RGA does not offer make-up classes.

Note: We do not accept payment via American Express




Parents / guardians / members must set up a ‘membership account’ via the RGA website, ensuring that it is accurate and kept up-to-date

It is the parents / guardians / member’s responsibility to ensure that the Association has the gymnast’s current contact details, and emergency contact details

It is the parents / guardians / member’s responsibility to ensure that medical records are kept up-to-date

It is the parents / guardians / member’s responsibility to disclose any medical condition, allergies or disability

The Association does not offer trial classes, prior to joining a class





Participating Gymnasts at RGA must be dressed in RGA kit, which consists of RGA T shirt and shorts, or RGA leotard with or without shorts.


Kit may be purchased directly from the manufacturer, via the RGA website.

Note: Any returns or issues should be addressed to the manufacturer.

It is a BG ruling that Gymnasts must not wear jewellery of any kind, including earrings.

All hair must be tied up neatly to participate in an RGA class

Prams, pushchairs, bicycles and scooters

Prams, pushchairs, bicycles and scooters are not permitted in the RGA centre building.

A pram shelter and bicycle rack is provided outside the front entrance of the RGA centre for member’s use



Car Parking at the RGA Centre, TW9 4EL

Parking is only allowed on RGA premises when your child is attending a gymnastics class

Parking is only allowed in the designated and marked, parking bays in the RGA centre car-park.

Additional parking spaces are provided at Putney Town Rowing Club, which is free to RGA members.

Parents/ guardians / carers must not park, wait, or stop in the cross-hatch areas which are marked “KEEP CLEAR”

Parents /guardians /carers must not park, wait or stop in front of the fire exits, or RGA centre front door.

The RGA Car-Park is closed on Event Days.


Car Parking at Collis School, TW11 9BS

No onsite parking.

Parking available on the road outside the school.


Car Parking at Vineyard School, TW10 6NE

No onsite parking.

Local parking restrictions and parking bays. All the local roads are resident permit only.

The coaches collect the gymnasts from the gym entrance and return them to their parents after the class Parents are not allowed to remain in the building to wait for their child.

Note:  The front gates close at 3:10pm and re-open at 3:40pm. If required, you can gain access via the side entrance to the gym situated before you reach the main entrance


Car Parking at Nelson School, TW2 7BU

There is onsite parking at the front of the school.

Note: Walk across the playground to access the building the gym is situated in.


Car parking at Orleans School, TW1 3EN

No onsite parking.

Local parking restrictions and parking bays. All the local roads are resident permit only.

Parents are not allowed to remain in the building while classes are in progress.



Car parking at St James’s Church, TW12 1DQ

Limited onsite parking but ample parking on the street free of charge.


Car Parking at Grena Road Centre (Richmond indoor bowls Club), TW9 1XS

Resident only parking area, but there are also single yellow lines.

You may park on single yellow lines on Saturdays and Sundays, but not in front of resident’s driveways.

Note: The road is not wide, so manoeuvring can be awkward and can cause hazards for other road users and residents. We suggest parking on Sheen Lane and walking as a more sensible option.

There is a waiting area upstairs for parents.



Car Parking at Queen’s School, TW9 3HJ

No onsite parking.

Local parking restrictions and parking bays.

Parents are not allowed to remain in the building while classes are in progress.

Parents access the gym by the side of the school building.





Class Protocol

Aim to arrive 5 minutes before the start of class.

Parents and children are not allowed to enter the gym at either the RGA centre or at a satellite centres unless asked to do so by a coach.

All children should be collected at the end of their class.

Coaches will not allow children to leave the building unless under the supervision of their parent / guardian.

Note: If you wish for someone other than you to collect your child you need to provide written authorisation

All shoes, bags and personal belongings must be left in the changing rooms.

Shoes, bags or personal belongings must not be taken into the gym or left in the foyer.




RGA Policies and Standards of Conduct:

Members must abide by the following RGA and BG policies and Standards of Conduct:

Failure to abide by these policies and standards will result in disciplinary action and may result in the withdrawal of RGA membership



Safeguarding & Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

Equality Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Disability Participation Policy

Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Victimisation Policy

Social Media Policy

Complaints and Disciplinary Policy

Standards of Conduct Policy


Standards of Conduct:    see full Standards of Conduct Policy                                                                                                                           

Members must not take any action or demonstrate behaviour that would bring the Association into disrepute

Members must not publish defamatory content in the media, or on social media, which abuses or criticises BG, LG or RGA

Parents / guardians /members must treat all coaches and staff with courtesy and respect


Termination of membership

The Board of Trustees may withdraw the membership of Parents, Guardians or Members who do not comply with the RGA Terms and Conditions or RGA Policies

The Board of Trustees may remove, from membership, any member acting in a manner contrary to the interests of the Association

The Board of Trustees may terminate the membership of any individual member whose membership fee or class fees have not be paid by the stipulated date.



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