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Richmond Gymnastics

Competitive squad gymnastics


We have a long established invitation-only Competitive Squad programme with a focus on Acrobatics and Floor & Vault.
Designed for gymnasts with exceptional potential, our squad programmes offer opportunities to compete at club, regional, national and international level.
Our squad gymnasts train between 1.5 – 20 hours per week and are eligible to enter competitions aged 9 or above. 

Entry into our squads and invitational groups is strictly by invitation only and subject to capacity and individual squad/ group needs. We only hold squad trials when the need arises and will notify members by email.

All our Lead Coaches are trained to work with and develop both beginners and those with more advanced skills in their classes. Lead Coaches are also trained to identify gymnasts with exceptional ability and may hold informal discussions with the Squad Coaches and Parents, if appropriate. This is at the discretion of the Lead Coach.

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Fees per term from: Various (depending on squad and training hours)

Membership* fees 

RGA membership: £35 per year

London Gymnastics membership: £3.50 per year

*Membership is compulsory and payable upon joining and then every September thereafter.

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In the interests of fairness and safety, our gymnastics kit is compulsory for all members. 

British Gymnastics Community Insurance

This is compulsory annual fee that we pay to British Gymnastics (BG) on your behalf when you join the club and renews every September. You will see this on your RGA account along with your class payment.

(Please note, BG have recently changed their insurance and membership system for 2024-25.)

We are registered with British Gymnastics (BG), the national governing body for gymnastics. It is compulsory for all our members to have BG Insurance for protection whilst taking part in the sport at a registered club.

Any uninsured member attending a class at RGA will be asked to sit out of the class until their insurance has been arranged. Thank you for your understanding.

More about Acrobatics

Acro Explainer

In Acro, groups of two (Women’s Pair or Mixed Pair), three (Women’s Groups) or four (Men’s Groups) compete different routines with marks awarded for Difficulty, Execution and Artistry. 

Acrobatic routines and skills are made up of:

Girl doing handstand with partner on one armBalance: Routines with static skills that transition from one to the other. Each ‘balance’ must be held for at least 3 seconds.

Dynamic (also known as Tempo): Routines with rotating/ moving skills.

Combined: As the name suggest, this routine combines both Balance and Dynamic skills.

Representing Great Britain

Many of our former and current Acrobats have been selected to represent Great Britain at the World and European Championships. Most recently, our Squad 1 gymnasts came back from the European Championships in 2023 with four Gold medals!

More about Floor & Vault

Our Floor & Vault squads compete at club and regional level, regularly coming home with Team and Individual medals.

Floor & Vault Explainer

Gymnasts compete individually on a full gymnastics floor and must include tumbling skills, individual skills, leaps and jumps. They also compete two Vaults, with marks awarded for Difficulty and Execution.


More about our Squad Development programme

Happy boy giving thumbs up while in box splitsOur Development squad programme supports the increased development of age appropriate skills for selected 5 – 7 year olds.

Training four hours a week, our young gymnasts are considered for inclusion in our competitive squads or invitational groups, once they have completed their development journey with us.