Richmond Gym Friends

Richmond Gym Friends is the fundraising arm of Richmond Gymnastics Association.

Who’s Who

Sally Wilson (Chair of Richmond Gym Friends)

  • Responsible for overseeing the running of Richmond Gym Friends.
  • Liases with RGA’s Management Team and Board of Trustees. 
  • Ensures there is involvement from the wider club membership.

Helen Gilbert (Head of Fundraising)

  • Responsible for organising all fundraising events.
  • Liaises with the Chair of Richmond Gym Friends.


Richmond Gym Friends has a number of active campaigns:

Raise the Roof

To raise money, Richmond Gymnastics Friends have launched the “Raise the Roof” campaign and we need your help! Please join-in a number of fund raising schemes over the next year.

Buy a Brick

Not just another brick in the wall. Make your mark on Richmond Gymnastics Association. Buy a brick to raise funds for our new extension. Find out more here.

How to Donate

Do your shopping through Easy Fundraising

Gift Aid

Find out more here.


To donate please follow the link below.

Periodically RGA runs raffles and sales, any donations for these are greatly appreciated.


Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming involved please contact our fundraising team on

Shopping Basket


You can join the Richmond Gymnastics Association through our waiting list. Please note that places are given on a first come first served basis with priority given to existing members.
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