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Our specialist lights in the main gym at the RGA Centre urgently need replacing and we need your help.

Click here to donate via JustGiving.

Our specialist lighting ensures gymnasts of all levels can perform skills without being distracted by the lights- especially important for squad gymnasts performing complicated moves.

We are asking for your support as a combination of Covid and energy prices have reduced our reserves. 

Our specialist lights have an incredibly long life, but now urgently need replacing. If you work for a company, please ask if they can gift-match your donation. A win-win for all of us!

Click on the JustGiving button below to donate. Read more about us, our ethos and what we do by clicking here.

Or donate directly into our bank account with reference: Light up RGA

Bank: Handelsbanken

Account number: 76805608

Sort Code: 40 51 62

Reference: Light up RGA

Please donate if you can, so we can continue to offer gymnastics classes for all children.

Thank you so much from all at Friends of Richmond (volunteers) and Team Richmond.

Any questions? Get in touch: 

As a registered charity there are lots of other ways you can support us! 

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Sign up to support RGA on EasyFundraising when shopping online at major retailers.

Sign up for a PlusRooms board!

An on-going campaign- all we need is your address (please email it to our parent volunteer, Cornelia) and that’s all you have to do!

The board advertising PlusRooms house extensions will be placed outside your house (using cable ties only) for a period of six weeks. In exchange, we also advertise on the board and PlusRooms also make a donation to us.


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Don’t forget to click on the GiftAid box when paying your RGA fees if you are a UK tax payer. More info on GiftAid here.

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Ask your employer if they have funds available for charitable purposes or as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Support us in other ways

Not Just Travel London

We are delighted to partner with the lovely Sue Porter from Not Just Travel. Sue has been working with RGA for a number of years, helping us to arrange competition travel for our squads as well as helping families find and organise their perfect holiday.

RGA squad travelling to Las Vegas

Whether you know where you want to go, need some inspiration or want someone to plan every aspect, then look no further! Here’s 12 excellent reasons why you should book with Not Just Travel.

Not only that, but for each holiday booked by RGA members or staff, RGA will receive a donation from Not Just Travel averaging £50 at no extra cost to you.

Sue Porter – Not Just Travel

Check out Sue’s website for more details and to request a quote. Don’t forget to mention RGA when booking!

Other ways to get in touch:

Phone 07796 945335


Wherever you want to go, whatever your budget, Sue will take care of it.

Stay updated with news from Not Just Travel:



Morrison Ward Associates Ltd

We are delighted to welcome Morrison Ward Associates Ltd. as an RGA partner!

Morrison Ward Associates were instrumental in supporting our Diamond Summer Festival in July 2022. They continue to support us with donations every time an RGA member purchases a mortgage product with one of their specialist Advisors.

Experts in their field and a well established local Sheen company, learn more about how they work and how they can support you during the house buying or re-mortgaging process: ‘Securing today – Protecting tomorrow’




Little Eco Eats

We are delighted to partner with the fantastic Little Eco Eats for all your party food needs!

A local company with a sustainble ethos in action, we are delighted to collaborate with them.

Little Eco Eats offer 5% off party food for RGA Parties as well as donating to us for every booking. A win-win for everyone!

Check out their website for more details and to enquire more. Don’t forget to mention RGA when booking!


If you would like to get more involved with RGA, please contact Cornelia (Parent Volunteer) or Katie (RGA Marketing Manager).

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