National Finals May 2017!

National Finals Results

Well done to all the acrobats who competed this weekend,  13th and 14th May 2017,  at the National Finals. All the acrobats had tough competition but performed amazingly, special congratulations go to our gold and silver medlists;

Clea Audin, Charlotte Dawson and Layla Sklar (IDP Womens Group).

Leona Edwards, Isabella MacDonald (Women Pair Grade 2)

Iggy Ninkovic, Jasper Nemeth (Mens Pair grade 1 Combined)

Alex Bonato, James Alleyne (Mens Pair Grade 2 Combined).

Also competed this weekend were three of our disabilities partnerships:

Ruby Robinson, Lila Khosla (Disabilities Womens Pair Grade 1 Combined)

Grace Dorsey, Lilyella Barker (Disabilities Womens Pair Grade 2 Combined)

Mia Seaborn-johnson, Poppy Seaborn-jhonson (Disabilities Womes Pair Grade 3 Combined)