Floor and Vault Summer Competition 1

On Saturday and Sunday 25th-26th June 2016 Richmond’s Floor and Vault gymnasts competed at the Summer Competition.

The coaches were really impressed with their performance and were extremely pleased with the results. Congratulations to everybody who competed.

The results are as follows:

  • Ana Dyball – 3rd Place, Highest scoring Floro, Pin
  • Elena Signorini- 3rd Place, Pin
  • Ella Pitzer – 4th, Ribbon & Pin
  • Fras Hussein – 1st – London Regional Champion, Pin
  • Brandon Gold – 2nd – Highest Scoring Vault, Pin
  • Michael Ronga – 3rd, Pin
  • Izzie Masters – 1st – London Regional Champion, Highest Scoring Floor, Pin
  • James O’Donnell -5th – Ribbon
  • Martha Sanders – 5th – Ribbon, Pin
  • Raphaela Sinclair – 5th – Ribbon, Pin

Fras Hussein 1st Place London Regional Champion Brandon Gold 2nd Place highest scoring vault Michael Ronga 3rd Place all pins