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About Jack Petchey

RGA is delighted to announce participation in this award scheme for young people aged 11 to 25 years old.

Each month a young person is chosen to receive the award in recognition of hard work, endeavour or a contribution to the club which will help others.

RGA members, coaches and parents can complete nomination forms to help choose the winner.

The award winner is presented with a framed certificate, a pin badge and a substitute cheque for £200 which can buy any item from the “wish list”

In consultation with RGA members and coaches, a “wish list” is drawn up of how the monthly award of £200 could be spent.

This scheme brings the following benefits:

  • RGA can recognise the effort, endeavour and achievement of young people in a new practical and positive way
  • The scheme provides useful additional funds for RGA

Each winner will be announced on the JPF notice board and the RGA web site with a photograph, the reason for his/her nomination and details of how the award money is to be spent.

A young person may receive the award only once during their time with RGA.

Please help us by making nominations using the form by the third week of any month.

Click to download nominations form.

Any proposed items to be added to the “wish list” can be left at the RGA office marked JACK PETCHLEY WISH LIST and these will be considered and be added to the wish list if appropriate. Alternatively add your suggestions to the list on the notice board in the gym.

Leader awards for Adults

An adult (aged over 21 years) associated with RGA for at least 2 years, may be nominated to receive a Leader Award. The adult could be a coach, manager, trustee or a volunteer parent who has encouraged and motivated young people in an outstanding way.

The chosen person will receive a framed certificate, a boxed gift medallion and £1,000 for the club.

Annual Presentation

There will be an annual awards ceremony at the end of the year for the winners of the Jack Petchey award to recognise their achievement.

The Jack Petchey Foundation

The Jack Petchey Foundation was established by the successful East London entrepreneur, Jack Petchey, in 1999. It is a young, progressive grant making Trust based in Ilford Essex. It is now among the largest and most influential London charitable foundations. It focuses on projects and programmes that benefit 11-25 year olds. The main area of operation is the London boroughs and Essex, where it currently operates in 1600 secondary schools and youth clubs. There are smaller programmes elsewhere.

The grant budget for 2008 is over £20 million, with over £60 million having been given since 1999.

In addition to more traditional grant making functions, JPF plans to continue to introduce and develop new, far reaching programmes that benefit young people such as “Petchey’s Speak Out Challenge”, which is probably the largest youth speaking programme in the world.

Please click here to find out about the excellent work being done by the Jack Petchey Foundation

Jack Petchey Award Nomination Form

2015 Winners
January 2015 Sophia Soloveiva
February 2015 Olivia Siviter
March 2015 Grace Tucker
April 2015 Ella Freeman
May 2015 Ruby Robinson
June 2015 Isobel Jansen
September 2015 Otto Terrell
October 2015 Moneice Lemard
November 2015 Charlotte Wilson
2014 Winners
January 2014 Meredith Webb
February 2014 Erin Cavanagh
March 2014 Millie Jeffcock
April 2014 Katie Jones
May 2014 Ciara Holland
June 2014 Kayleigh Bakker
September 2014 Chloe Lauder
October 2014 Clara Nutting
November 2014 Phoebe Warnes
2013 Winners
January 2013 Scarlett Wright
February 2013 Joshua Bland
March 2013 Emilia Adams
April 2013 Roison Hanlon
May 2013 Charlie Duncan
June 2013 Isabella Mais
September 2013 Josie Russell
October 2013 Abdullah Izzidien
November 2013 Leah Kennedy
2012 Winners
January 2012 Roxy Parker
February 2012 Grace Rahmattalah
March 2012 Lucie Fowler
April 2012 Holly Harrigon
May 2012 James Stevens
June 2012 Alice Kelly
September 2012 Thomas Razey
October 2012 Harry Kilby
November 2012 Elizabth Parker

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